Android – Bookings Process

Cars which are members of a fleet are able to receive bookings from operators via the dispatch software. This page describes the general process involved in receiving and servicing a booking within a car.


Receiving a Booking

For a car to be offered booked jobs, a number of conditions must be met:

  1. The driver must be logged in
  2. The car must be vacant
  3. The driver must not be marked as unavailable; and
  4. The car must be registered for cover jobs


Registering for Cover Jobs

To receive bookings, the car must first be registered to receive appropriate jobs. This is done through the Cover Registration screen.

The cover registration process selects the general features of jobs that the car can accommodate. Cover job settings are stored in between shifts, and are automatically applied each time a driver logs in. It is a good idea to check them on login, however, especially if the Android handset is shared between drivers, to ensure that acceptable jobs are dispatched to the car.


Accepting and Declining Offered Jobs

When a job is offered to a car, the Android app automatically displays the job acceptance screen (see below) and plays a tone as the offer counts down.

<Screenshot goes here>

While the job offer screen is displayed, the driver has two options to select from:

  1. blue_accept Press the accept button to accept the offer and service the booking; or
  2. blue_reject Press the reject button to reject the offer.

If neither action is chosen before the end of the countdown period, the job is automatically rejected.


Rejected Jobs and Penalties

Depending on the fleet configuration, rejection of a job may result in a driver “penalty”. While under a penalty, no jobs will be offered to the car. The car may continue to serve hail jobs while the penalty is in effect.


Servicing a Job

When a job is accepted, the App changes to the Job Details view, and shows the pickup and destination addresses for the job. From the time of acceptance, the booking is allocated to the car, which should proceed to the first pickup location. The general process in servicing a job is:

  1. brown_booked While a booking is active, but before the car is “engaged”, the system menu will display the “Booked” icon. Travel to the first pickup location and follow any required contact instructions.
  2. blue_engaged When the first pickup is made, the car should move to the engaged state by pressing the engaged  button on the Job Details screen, or in the system menu.
  3. blue_vacant After all passengers have been delivered, the car should move to vacant state again by pressing the vacant  button on the Job Details screen, or in the system menu. This will trigger the payment of a fare and completion of the job.

Note that the car will become vacant as soon as the vacant button blue_vacant is pressed, which immediately allows further jobs to be offered.


Refusing an Accepted Job

If a job offer is accepted, it may still be rejected for one of two reasons:

  1. blue_no_show If the passenger is unable to be found (a “No-Show”), the job may be cancelled completely using the “No-Show”  button on the Job Details screen.
  2. blue_resubmit The job may be resubmitted for offer to another car with a selected reason using the resubmit  button on the Job Details screen.

Resubmission requires the driver to select one of a pre-defined set of reasons for rejecting the job.


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