EzyFleet uses and builds on the success of the SmartMove dispatch system which has grown at 60%, year on year, since 2005.

Here’s what they say about SmartMove:

“I should have put in SmartMove two years ago. It would have made life a lot easier”

Frank Biemans, Mount Gambier, SA
March 2012

“The SmartMove system enables us to use our fleet in the most efficient manner, reducing dead kms and ensuring the cars are dispatched to the most appropriate jobs. This is a great advantage to us in our efforts to be the most environmentally sound choice for car transport in Sydney”

Russ Colbourne
Director greentomatocars Australia

“I want to congratulate you guys on the way you’ve implemented ‘Requirement Management’.

Keeping track of license expiry dates has never been easier. The fact that we can manage anything with an expiry date – whether it’s a driver authority, vehicle maintenance or a wharf permit – means we’re always on top of our certification with minimal effort.

It’s just fabulous. Great job!”

Les Gist, Burdekin Taxis

“The immediate areas where SmartMove excelled was by massively reducing the stress on all staff and an increase in driver and passenger safety. But that wasn’t enough, and we wanted more. We needed to probe further into the way we operated. The guys at SmartMove delivered. Through vigilance and commitment the SmartMove team have developed and fine-tuned small aspects of their system giving us our own personalised dispatch. They have openly discussed and considered unique issues with our business and worked towards bettering our systems.”

“What makes SmartMove unique is that the system has been created to develop and change. Other Dispatch Systems on the market are tight and rigid but SmartMove is unique in the way that it is constantly looking at what its clients needs by addressing the uniqueness of each individual business and being open to all suggestions.

SmartMove is proving itself to be the premium Dispatch and Fleet Management system in its class.”

Kym McKay, Derby

“In December, 2008 I contacted Smartmove who agreed to install their system within two weeks which we did. We now have a call centre handling all our calls which from an OH@S view takes the onus off the drivers trying to drive and give out the jobs.

Since the installation of the Smartmove System all our drivers including Management now realize we should have gone onto this in the very beginning. I would like to congratulate SmartMove on their System.”

Ken Byrnes
Mudgee Radio Cabs

“I am very impressed with everyone we have dealt with down there, they are very helpful and explain things very well. They realize that there are things we may not have thought of so they mention them or suggest options to us to guide us along. This is great when you have a lot on your mind and could easily overlook something. Please pass on to everyone my appreciation.”

Tom Westerholm, General Manager
Mount Barker Taxis Pty. Ltd.

“Dear SmartMove;

This letter is to thankyou for finding a solution to an enormous problem.

Being based in Pakenham, South East of Melbourne, we were faced with the problem of phone diversions costs, no matter which Call Centre we chose to operate through. Whether it be locally in Victoria, Orange in N.S.W, or Geraldton in W.A, we were estimating diversion costs of between $1400 and $2000 each month.

Options were available by adopting National Taxi numbers, however, it was important to us to retain our Identity, with our own booking number and logos. We wanted to make sure that a person could contact Pakenham Taxis no matter where they were in Victoria, and not be directed to a local taxi company via a central booking number.

Through the help of SmartMoves ideas and support, our problem has been solved. We have been able to set up an Internet Phone booking system, where we retain our phone number, have no diversion costs, have quality of call sound, have a minimum of two booking lines with the one number, have 24/7 back up in the event of power failure, and can talk direct to an interstate dispatch service free of a call charge.

What has been achieved is nothing short of amazing. It is hard to believe that a solution which started out as just a glimmer of hope, has turned into an amazing example of technology at its finest.

Pakenham Taxis now stands ‘Alone’. We have maintained our own Identity. We use an interstate dispatch service, with no diversion costs, have retained our own booking number, and have absolute confidence with our booking service.

There is only one word to offer SmartMove, and that word is Thankyou.”

Barry, Pakenham Taxis