Connecting driver to passenger feature

How this feature works:

When booked with a job, the driver will use their own phone to dial a special, fleet specific number  (normal call charges apply).

If the booking has a phone number attached, the system will call the passenger’s phone.

The driver will hear a message similar to the following; “we are now dialling the passenger, please wait”.

The passenger will receive an incoming call from the fleet number.

When the passenger picks up the call, they and the driver, will both hear a message similar to the following; “Hello, this call is about your booking. Please be aware this call is recorded. You may speak to each other after the tone”.

The driver and passenger can then speak to each other.

If the driver calls the special number and there is no phone number attached to the booking, they will hear a message similar to this; “we are unable to connect you to the passenger”.

If the passenger misses the call and redials, they will be answered by the Call Centre.

The call recording can be emailed to a designated email as soon as the call is finished.