Fare Calculation Overrides

The properties “Fare Calculation KM Rate”, “Fare Calculation Flag Fall” and “Fare Calculation Minimum” can now be either a single float or they can be a “FARE” format. These can be set by a fleet as a default and can also be overridden per account. I.e. the options below can be set for the whole fleet but if certain account holders get a discount on WAT vehicles this could be setup.

This allows for a large amount of flexibility when specifying the fare calculation amounts although setting the values is a little complex at the moment. This is best tested using the “Calculate Fare” part of the new booking dialog of the dispatch client and setting the attributes or times and recalculating.

The FARE format

  • The format is a “|” separated list of items that can be matched. Matches are made from left to right making the rightmost the highest priority if multiple matches are made.
  • The first value is a single float which is used if no other matches are made
  • Subsequent items are in the format “AAAA=n.n” where the float n.n is used if AAAA matches the current booking values
  • AAAA can be any of the following:
    • ATTRIBUTE – one of the attributes valid for the fleet. Example “WAT=1.0”
    • HH:MM-HH:MM – time range for when the value is applicable every day. Example “17:30-7:30=1.0”
    • DDD:HH:MM-DDD:HH:MM – time and day range when the value is applicable. Example “FRI:17:30-MON:7:30=1.5”
  • AAAA can also be multiple of the above separated by “+”. For example the following could be used: 17:30-7:30+WAT+WAGON=1.6


This is probably an overly complicated example to demonstrate each of the possibilities. In this example it is described as being used in the fare per km rate:


Means the following:

  • $1.00/km for standard fares (ones that don’t match anything else below)
  • $1.20/km for WAT fares
  • $2.00/km for fares between 8:00 and 10:00 on Tuesday
  • $1.40/km for fares between 17:30 and 7:30 any day
  • $1.50/km for fares between Friday 17:30 and Monday 7:30
  • $1.60/km for WAT fares between 17:30 and 7:30