Pay for any trip

Passengers are able to pay for any trip using a credit card that has not previously been registered even if the passenger does not have the physical card with them. This feature is available for all booking types including hail.

First you need to link the job with the passengers SmartHail App.  This can be done at any time after the meter has started and needs to be completed before you mark the job as ‘paid’.


1. Pick up the passenger and start the meter as usual.


2. At any time after the meter has started, select the extended menu button.


3. Select the Link to App button – You will receive a message asking you to confirm that you would like to link the current booking to the passenger’s SmartHail App.


4. Select Link.


5. Provide the displayed link code to your passenger to enter into the SmartHail app on their SmartPhone.


6. Once the passenger has entered the link code, select ok to remove the link code from your screen.

7. Once the job has been completed and the payment screen appears, you will need to select the App button to process the payment. At this point, please confirm with the passenger that they have registered a credit card in-app otherwise the payment will fail.


9. Confirm that you would like to send a payment request to the passenger.  Click Send.

The passenger will be asked to authorise the payment on their smartphone.


10. Select done as the ‘To pay ‘ amount will show as $0.00


11. You are now able to print a receipt for the passenger.



1. The passenger will open their SmartHail App.

2. They will enter their credit card details into the SmartHail App using the Payment Method tab if they have not already done so.


3. Next they will select the Link Booking tab.


4. They will enter the Link Code provided by the driver.


5. They will select the Link Booking button and once confirmed, they will be able to view the details of their trip.  They are also able to share their trip details with a friend by using the Share Tracking Link.


6. Once at the destination and the meter has been stopped, the passenger will be asked to authorise the payment on their SmartPhone.  They will select Authorise and once authorised they will receive a notification of success.