Takings Summary Report


The Takings Summary report shows the total takings for vehicle(s) over a specified period. The takings include those fares that were read from the meter, entered manually at the end of a job or those fares that have been edited via the Fleet Management Website after the job has been completed. Note that for this report to be useful, fare collection (see Note 1 below) and odometer readings (see Note 2 below) must be enabled for your fleet. It is used by some fleets to see a running tally of takings for each car for the current day so that higher earning jobs can be given to those cars that have earned the least so far.

Information required

Select the fleet (1) and the start and end time for the report (2). Then select a vehicle or multiple vehicles (3) to include in the report.  Then decide if you want to see results for shifts that start outside but ends within or start within but ends outside the specified period (4) or only those shifts that start and end within the specified period (5).

setup screen


The report lists:

  • The vehicle.
  • The driver.
  • The date/time the driver logged in for the shift.
  • The time the driver logged out.
  • How long the driver was logged in for.
  • The odometer reading entered in by the driver at the start of the shift (if applicable)
  • The distance travelled for the shift (if the driver has ended the shift and has entered the end-of-shift odometer reading).
  • The number of jobs the driver has completed during the specified period.
  • The total takings as read from the meter/entered by the driver.
  • A metric expressed as $/hr.
  • A metric expressed as $/job.
  • A metric expressed as $/km (if a distance is available).

setup screen

Note 1
In order for the system to collect fares, the meter listening cable must be installed in the car and the fleet/vehicle properties must be set appropriately. The properties that are of interest include:

  • Meter Listen
  • Meter Protocol
  • Requires Fare Details (Account)
  • Requires Fare Details non Acct

Note 2
In order for the system to calculate the $/km, the driver must be forced to enter the odometer reading at the start and end of shift. This can be set by setting the following fleet/vehicle properties:

  • Requires Start Shift
  • Requires End Shift