Driver Documentation

The following documentation relates to the usage or maintenance of the mobile data terminals that are installed in vehicles.

Driver’s Handbook

  • Driver’s Handbook: Digitax screen (PDF document. Designed to be printed on A5 paper with the following settings: page size = A5, landscape, duplex, flip on long edge).

Driver Apps

Driver training videos

The SmartMove YouTube channel has a variety of training videos.  Click HERE to access the full playlist for SmartMove drivers.

The following is a list of videos currently available to view;

  • Basic concepts

  • Logging in

  • Job details

  • Job offers

  • Messages

  • Panic Button

  • Cash and Card payments

  • Make a booking

  • Bidding for work

  • Future bookings

  • Out of car

  • SmartDriver App

  • Cash Payments – DocketKiller

  • Card Payments using the SmartMove Dispatch System

  • Subsidy Payments

  • Processing a stripe payment in the car

  • Registered card payments

  • Pay for any trip-Link to SmartHail

  • SmartMove Go